Platform Cooperatives using Drupal as a foundation

What is Platform Cooperativism?

Last November, Agaric members went to the New School in New York City, to speak at a coming-out party for the cooperative Internet, built of platforms owned and governed by the people who rely on them. The program included discussion sessions, screenings, monologues, legal hacks, workshops, and dialogues, as well as a showcase of projects, both conceptual and actual. We learned from coders and worker cooperatives, scholars and designers. Together, we will put their lessons to work as we build usable apps and structural economic change together.

Platform Cooperativism is convened by Trebor Scholz (The New School) and Nathan Schneider (University of Colorado Boulder).


Millions of people rely on a social network for communication and a relatively small number of people are building the platforms.


Further reading:

By Trebor Scholz:
Platform "Cooperativism vs. the Sharing Economy” (December 5, 2014)
”Think Outside the Boss,” Public Seminar (April 5, 2015)

By Nathan Schneider
“Owning Is the New Sharing,” Shareable (December 21, 2014)

How does Platform Cooperativism affect you and your work with Drupal or your plans to build a platform?

Please come with your thoughts and questions for a short presentation and an interactive discussion.  I will share what I have learned from coordinators and players in this new space, but the space is very new in a lot of ways and you should be part of defining it! You will learn about some local efforts in this movement and steps you can take to get involved.

Micky Metts - a member of Agaric, a worker-owned tech and web development cooperative.
I am known as an Activist Hacker – Industry Organizer – Public Speaker – Connector – Advisor and Visionary.  I act as a liaison between the Solidarity Economy Network (SEN) and The United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives (USFWC), with an intention to bring communities together. I am a member of the Free Software Foundation and Drupal, a community based on free software. I grew up in Weston, CT and now live in Boston, MA with my long-time partner John M. Crisman.


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