Site Building

Usability Testing Lab

Perhaps we can utilize one of the small first floor rooms to conduct usability testing?

We can have a early session to review how usability testing can be done, and then attendees can try their hand at testing, moderating, or observing over the course of the day.

In advance, people can sign up to have their site tested.  They will need to write up tasks in advance.  Or, this can be an exercise conducted during the overview session.

If someone from the UX&DS group at Yale ITS could volunteer, that would be great.

HTML5 and CSS3 in Drupal

While Drupal allows you to create and manage web sites without ever writing your own HTML5 and CSS3 code-- a basic understanding of code can greatly enhance your ability to work within the Drupal environment.  HTML5 provides a scaffolding for all things you do with Drupal.  Drupal modules and themes already allow the use of HTML5 and many require it to fully take advantage of the module.

In this fast paced session, you'll learn the basics of HTML5 code and CSS3 and understand how they relate to to the Drupal development environment.

Structured Content - Building Content Types in Drupal 7

This session will focus on how content types are designed and built in Drupal 7, though the fundamentals apply to Drupal 8. 

  • Why a "Content First" approach is critical when building content types
  • Field types
  • Discovering Content Patterns 
  • Additional features such as Field Collections, Media and Paragraphs
  • The Pros and Cons of the WYSIWYG
  • Introduction to Views
  • Introduction to the theme layer

This is session geared toward people just starting out with Drupal.