Hands on Usability Test Session: A Methodology of Awesomeness

Knowing how users behave helps you create a much more suitable product. Rather than just guessing about what people might like or how they use your product, you can see their reactions first hand. The Usability Testing process brings together users, designers, developers, and content experts. The goal is to follow this fast paced, but structured observation session to improve a project's look and feel in a collaborative and fun way.

Voya Finanical - Drupal Journey

Voya has been using Drupal for over 5 years now, and started out with Drupal 6.

This session with cover Voya's journey from Drupal newbies to a fully staffed Drupal shop.

  • A timeline review of our Drupal projects
  • What we've learned along the way and what we wish we could do better
  • Finding and retaining Drupal talent.
  • Future Drupal plans and when we'll be using Drupal 8.


10 Photoshop Tricks for Web Developers

Photoshop is an indispensible tool though the web development process.  However, few fully understand the benefits of Photoshop.

In this session you'll learn 10 easy-to-replicate Photoshop tricks that are directly related to web development.  The techniques demonstrated in this session will save you time, allow for better asset management, and help you create great looking web and mobile sites.

You'll receive a "cheat sheet" with all the techniques demonstrated in this session so you don't forget them and can apply them to your daily web development work. 

CTtransit rides Drupal 8

Join us for an opportunity to get under the hood of Connecticut's bus service website.

In 2015, Connecticut Transit (CTtransit) adopted Drupal 8 for a complete rebuild of and just launched on July 26th of 2016.

While still a road less traveled when we got started, Drupal 8 has proved to be a great platform for this project.

This session will mainly focus on aspects of site building, but also talk about the journey to bring the site into production.

More details to follow.


Structured Content - Building Content Types in Drupal 7

This session will focus on how content types are designed and built in Drupal 7, though the fundamentals apply to Drupal 8. 

  • Why a "Content First" approach is critical when building content types
  • Field types
  • Discovering Content Patterns 
  • Additional features such as Field Collections, Media and Paragraphs
  • The Pros and Cons of the WYSIWYG
  • Introduction to Views
  • Introduction to the theme layer

This is session geared toward people just starting out with Drupal. 

Create/Select a Drupal 8 Theme

Are you just getting started with Drupal 8?

Are you lost on what themes are available and where to start?

This session will provide you an overview of the themes that are available for Drupal 8 and provide you some information on how to select a pre-built theme.  We will also explore creating your own theme from scratch.